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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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        The Property Millionaire Makers

        The Property Millionaire Academy Is For Ambitions, Committed People Who Want Financial Freedom Or More

        The Property Millionaire Academy has been set up to educate, coach, mentor and help those who, like our trainers when they first started, yearned to be financially free and in charge of their own destiny.

        The Academy has been a huge success and we have helped to date “91 students become Property Millionaires” and 1,000’s more become financially free.

        Yes, we are very proud to say that with our help and guidance over 90 everyday people have gone from near zero to millionaire.

        Our millionaire students include teachers, engineers, builders, estate agents, housewives, airline pilots, doctors, architects, solicitors, sales staff and people from many more occupations and backgrounds.

        You can follow many of their journeys which have been documented in our book “You Too Can Become a Property Millionaire” by downloading the book using the link opposite

        There are also many other links scattered across this website to recordings of interviews we have had with our millionaire students. (Watch for the purple buttons)


        If you would like to hear more about our millionaire clients and their journeys to becoming millionaires we have written a book “You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire” Where we have documented how they became millionaires. You can down load a copy of the book here.

        24 Little Known High Profit Strategies

        Here at the academy we Know What It Takes To Become A successful Property Investor Or Developer and we know how to help academy members achieve their dreams.

        Sometimes by helping you choose the best strategy for you (we have over 20 little known high profit strategies our trainers have developed and proven) sometimes just by pressing your mindset buttons, sometimes both.

        You will come across some of the strategies in this website (watch out for the green buttons) or you can check out our free 2 hour webinar now, where we explain an overview of most of these strategies and also share examples of them. We share with you on the webinar examples of actual deals that either out trainers have completed or our students have completed. (Grab your note books)

        You can find out in this free 2 hour webinar how you can copy Lynne who, using one of our strategies, invested 10k into a property deal Which can make over 400k profit. (We said these are high profit strategies) her deal and the strategy she used is explained in full in the webinar

        Click the button to watch the webinar

        How the Academy can help you

        You can watch one of our multimillionaire private clients Ians video here

        Ian’s latest update

        Ian has now gone from the 10k per month cash flow profit he was making before joining Our private client mentoring (make the words private client mentoring a clickable link) to 52k cash flow profit per month

        We also know how to help more experienced investors accelerate their success with many clients joining the academy who were already property millionaires and we are proud to say they have gone on to becoming multi millionaires

        We can teach you how, by using some of our 24 sophisticated investment strategies combined with financial engineering, you can make far more profit with less investment.

        Using these strategies have enabled our clients to become millionaires very quickly, normally within 3 to 5 years !!! You can join them by learning and then implementing some of the strategies!!!

        Remember you don’t know what you don’t know and we know you will be pleasantly surprised.

        Using 1 of the 24 strategies one of our trainers starting with £120k purchased 52 properties in 48 weeks

        So If you Believe you have the ability within yourself to achieve your goals and you just need Someone To Bring Out The Best In yourself

        Someone To Help You Harness The power you have within just adding a bit of missing knowledge.

        How would you like to have an expert help you gain confidence and confirm that you are making the correct decisions and stop you from making the wrong project buying decisions then you are in the right place.

        A property deal that goes wrong can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Our mentors can stop you making that costly mistake.

        So here at the academy whether you are a complete beginner with zero properties someone who has become an accidental landlord a novice with just a few buy to let an experienced large portfolio owner, we will match your goals to the most suitable strategies for you and help you accelerate your journey!

        Infinite Possibilites

        Here at the property millionaire academy we now what it takes to become a successful property investor and developer and more importantly We know how to help Academy members get the best from themselves and how to help them achieve their dreams. (some of you need pushing and you know who you are).
        We do not believe in traditional methods of property investment and do not see the point in swapping large chunks of cash for small monthly profits especially in areas of little or no capital appreciation.

        Our Story :
        The Academies Goal is to Help Create 200 new millionaires

        The Academy has helped new investors as well as experienced investors turn from £20k to £100k into over £1,000,000 (1 million) in 3 to 5 years – some people have achieved this even starting with nothing. It’s not uncommon for us to help someone starting with a few thousand make over £100k within 12 to 18 months. There’s a pathway appropriate to every person, their dream, and their situation. We are here to help YOU whatever your situation!!!

        Start your story now

        To help us find out how we can help you accelerate your success and help you become financially free or a millionaire or both

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        Need Help Deciding?

        If you have the drive, ambition and determination to succeed we can give you all the tools you need to become a successful property investor a successful property developer or both. To find out more about the property millionaire academy, to help us find out how we can help you accelerate your success and how we can help you become financially free, a millionaire or both

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