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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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        What Is A Goal?

        The Benefits Of Successful Investing and Developing

        What Is A Goal?

        We believe Goals should be focused around you living out in full your life’s purpose
        Knowing How You Want To Live, Your dream Lifestyle, What Things You Want in your life, your families life, What You Want To Achieve

        For A Guide To Successful Goal Setting See Goal Setting section on this website click here

        How We Create Millionaires 92 To Date

        The Property Millionaire Academy Rules for success
        Everyone Of My Clients Who Has Become A Millionaire (92 to date) have worked through this process

        The good news for you is that There is a process We at the academy use to becoming financially free and then a millionaire
        First Know Your Why, Your Life Purpose Work out and Prioritise your individual goals
        Ie more time with kids, new house, new car, to be able to give away and help)

        Second how much does each thing on your list cost, you need to work this out so you have the amount you need to factor into your business plan. This part is not quite a simple as it sounds check out “How Much Do I Need” To Understand how to do this properly

        Third Create A Business Plan Using The Strategies we teach using the goal to achieve the amount you need to turn into reality everything on your why list

        4 Daily action list
        Nothing is ever accomplished without persistence and dedication
        In order to focus you need to List The Daily Actions needed to turn your business plan from a plan to a reality

        Fact Is the more actions you do daily working smart and hard not just hard see work smart not hard without getting pulled by life distractions (procrastination will kill/delay the result discipline is key.) Put that list or required daily and weekly actions into your diary.
        Then action your diary’s to do list every day and you will soon be living your life purpose on the highest level