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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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      Not sure which property investment strategy is right for you? Why not book a 15-minute strategy call with one of the Glenn Armstrong team.

        Training Courses

        At the Glenn Armstrong Millionaire Property Academy, we offer a number of training days all designed to help you in the world of property investing. From investing in property with no money down to property flipping Glenn is able to show you all the strategies that helped him grow a highly successful property portfolio and become a property millionaire.

        What’s On Offer

        Top 8 Strategies

        Over my nearly 20 years in the property business I have developed and tried and tested 24 alternatives to traditional investing and developing. ​Many of my clients have followed these strategies successfully and 92 of them are now millionaires. These strategies are up to 10 times more profitable than traditional investment strategies Find out how to make larger profits with less capital deployed Find out how to JV with people with cash so you can both profit.

        24 Strategy Overview

        We run a number of training courses from 4-day intensive property training to 1-day strategy courses. Each course is tailored to suit your goals and aspirations.

        FREE BOOK

        To Find Out How You Can Get A Free Copy Of Our Best Selling Book (Amazon no1 Best Seller) “You Too Can Become A Property Millionaire” Available To Order Free In Hard Copy, Available here In Audible and available to download in instant PDF format.

        How To Buy BMV Properties

        Discover the Secret To Finding and Buying Below Market value Properties Find out how I Purchased 52 properties in 48 weeks Find out how to buy property after property "No Money Down" so you never run out of deposit money. Build Your Portfolio Fast Plus lots lots more

        Live Property Deals

        The BMV Club Website and paid for marketing generates daily property deals For its members. The members work within individual set postcodes and get the leads from those postcodes. Sometimes leads come in from postcodes not attached to members. If You would like to receive daily updates of these leads you can register to do so.

        Weekly Webinars

        Every week we run various webinars for mentees and members We also run occasional free webinars for everyone. You can register for these here.

        Membership Club Help

        Our Entry level Way To get expert help from our panel of creative experts from only £19.99 per month Weekly webinars where you can ask the expert plus a whole lot more Essential access to legal documents, option agreements, jv agreements plus lots lots more

        FREE Strategy Call

        Book A Free 15 Min Strategy Call To Find Out Which Strategies Are Most Suitable For You. Do the strategies you like best work in your area? What strategies are best for you if you are part time / full time in your property Business? What strategies are best dependent on the size of your investment pot?

        Mentorship Help

        Find out more about our mentoring programme and hoe we cam help you accelerate your property journey. Our mentorship programme has created 92 millionaires to date and 1000’s of people just like you have become financially free normally within 6 months.

        Private Client Mentorship Help

        Our flagship programme for people with big ambitions Only 12 clients at 1 time and we are currently full 1-1 mentoring and goal setting monthly face to face meets Only worth joining if you have 100k plus to work with Find out more about the application process