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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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      Not sure which property investment strategy is right for you? Why not book a 15-minute strategy call with one of the Glenn Armstrong team.

        Over my nearly 20 years in the property business I have developed and tried and tested 24 alternatives to traditional investing and developing.

        ​Many of my clients have followed these strategies successfully and 92 of them are now millionaires.

        I have selected The Most Popular 8 Strategies For You and I will explain them in detail in the videos below Or you can watch a 1 hour webinar about all 8 by clicking on the link

        In This Free Webinar I will go through The basics of each one of the 8 strategies listed below

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        Building a property portfolio no money down

        If you can get a mortgage, you can purchase a property without needing any of your own cash.In this webinar, I will explain the financial engineering process to allow you to do this.No deposit needed, and in some cases even after stamp duty and legal fees have been paid – you may get some cash back out as well.

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        Building a high yield HMO portfolio no money left in

        If you want to discover exactly how to  buy a high yield portfolio without ever running out of money then watch the 90 minute webinar.

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        Flipping for profit

        Making money by buying property, refurbishing it and selling with a profit can be a great strategy when done correctly.

        It’s not easy to find a great project. You will need to know where to buy your project, what you need to do to the property to maximise your returns, which price bracket you can make the best profit in how to do your due diligence you can find out these and many more essential tips by watching this webinar.

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        Advanced property development
        This webinar is packed full of information which I have learned over many many years of being on the coal face.
        Some projects have been highly successful, some have been disasters.

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        Buying hotels and Guesthouses no money down

        Sounds crazy doesn’t it. However there are many many hotels and guest houses on the market that are struggling to sell. Properties that have been on the market for months.

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        Delayed competitions

        Call this strategy a delayed completion call it an assisted sale it does not matter. Whatever you want to call this strategy it is very profitable.

        Controlling a property through a option or an exchange then doing a refurb, building an extension, getting planning then converting into flats is an amazing concept.

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        Sourcing Find

        If you’re happy to work hard and make £2k per deal without any outlay then watch this video and discover how to quickly get started as a professional property sourcer.

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        Rent to Rent

        The fastest and cheapest way to become financially free in property, with many of my clients cracking financial freedom working part time within 6 months.

        If you want to know exactly how I’ve turned rent-to-rent strategies into a multi-million business, then watch this webinar and discover the best low-cost entry-level way to make rapid cash from property.

        Need Help Deciding?

        If you have the drive, ambition and determination to succeed we can give you all the tools you need to become a successful property investor a successful property developer or both. To find out more about the property millionaire academy, to help us find out how we can help you accelerate your success and how we can help you become financially free, a millionaire or both

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