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        Stuart Mather :

        Hi Glenn, hope all’s good with you and the family etc.

        Sorry I’ve been off the radar over the last couple of months. We had our 3rd son in May (now have a 3 year old, 1 year old and 2 month old!!) and business has been flying. Had my hands full so to speak.

        Just wanted to say thanks for the guidance, support and mentorship so far. The results have blown me away. 

        When we initially spoke exactly 12 months ago for my induction and goal setting call, I was earning around £5-6k income from property. I’ve been in property for a while and have made loads of classic mistakes along the way, losing a fortune through bad choices and lack of education/support.  

        You asked me to set my Horizons so I had something to aim for each week/month/year (copy attached).

        12 months in and I’m more than achieving my 2 year horizon results. Wow.
        Cashflow is now £24k pcm net and will be over £30k when the current projects complete.

        The introductions to your ‘team’ have been amazing – made huge tax savings and increased Capital Gains Allowance from intro to your Tax Advisor, plus used your proposed mortgage broker on multiple deals and he’s come up with great products every time (Ajeet).

        I was in a difficult place before joining the PMA due to previous poor choices in property. Your mentorship has helped turn that around and I will be forever grateful. So will my family.

        Thanks again and look forward to moving to the next level.

        Magnum of LP is on its way… 🥂🍾

        Speak soon
        Stuart Mather