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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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        How To Buy BMV Properties

        This Page / Section Of The Website Is All About 
        How To Buy Property or MULTIPLE Properties  Below Market Value
        Here We Will Be Showing You The The 5 Essential Steps Of Buying Property Below Market Value

        The 5 Steps To Buying A Large HIGH YIELD Property Portfolio Below MARKET VALUE NO MONEY DOWN

        The Concept Of investing or Buying Buy To Let Property as an investment strategy.

        As an example lets say you are Starting Out With 100k
        In traditional investing, which is what most investors do, you normally purchase a Buy To Let Property with a value of lets say 100k for £95 or even 90K, putting in a 20-25k deposit. You then spend a little money refurbishing and increasing the value and then you wait for 4 to 5 years for capital appreciation to kick in, then finally you can refinance and pull back out your 100k deposit money.Using this strategy you could buy around 3 properties before you run out of money.

        Now lets see the difference if you learn or know how to find and buy properties that are below market value.

        If You Buy A Property Cheap Enough ie Below Market Value lets say a £100k Property For 70kNormally you would put in your 25% deposit of the £70k Purchase Price ie £17,500Pay Your Stamp Duty and solicitors and brokers fees investing around 25k In total.

        That means if you were starting with 100k you could buy 4 properties before you would then run out of money. You would then if you purchased them with enough discount as in the example above wait for 6 months and then refinance the properties giving you your original 100k deposit money back again. (Providing you can get around the refinance valuation challenge this will create)

        Now let’s assume the average Buy To Let Property Will yield you £300 to £400 in rent profit per month. (Unless you are running HMO’s then it could be double that)

        So if you are looking for a decent income from a property portfolio of lets say £10k per month you can see you would need at £400 per property per month 25 properties to get that target 10k.

        In the first example of buying 3 properties waiting 5 years then refinancing adding another 3 so you then have 6.Then waiting 5 years refinancing and adding another 6 so you have 12 and again waiting another 5 years refinancing and then you will hit your target 10k income. You can see that would take 15 years to achieve your target income.

        In the second example you are dramatically accelerating achieving your 10k cash flow let’s say each cycle of buy refinance and expand can be achieved in 12 months. You would go from 4 to 8 to 16 and expect to reach your target income in 3-5 years. 

        BUT STOP

        There is a better way –
        What if you could use your discount as the deposit. Ie you agree a Bmv purchase of a 100k property at 70k (This is one of the 5 steps of this 5 step process and I will explain how you can achieve this)

        What if you can use the discount as the deposit
        Lets look at the numbers then, you buy a 100k property for 70k
        You take a mortgage out at 75% of value not of purchase price ie a £75k Mortgage.

        That leaves you a surplus of £5k to cover stamp and fees.

        You still have your 100k, you have a 100k property with a 75k mortgage and an income of £400 per month.


        Using This System I achieved Buying 52 BTL properties in 48 weeks!!!!!!

        What can you achieve ????
        Even now you could buy 10 to 15 properties per year and achieve the 10k per month income within 2 years and still have all your capital
        To Find Out The 5 Steps Of How To Do This Watch This 1 hour webinar