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Learn about the property investment strategies that has made Glenn Armstrong a property millionaire. These 8 tried and tested strategies will start you on your path to property investment success.

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        8 Strategies : Building a high yield HMO portfolio no money left in

        If you want to discover exactly how to  buy a high yield portfolio without ever running out of money then watch the 90 minute webinar.

        On the webinar I will explain:How starting with 25k to 100k (or get a jv partner) you can buy properties refurbish them and refinance getting all of your money out plus sometimes more.

        I will explain that If you get the financial engineering right you can buy direct from vendor the finished product at full value, saving you having to refinance and this will help in preventing you get down valuations.In the first year You can buy 10 properties and get them all running as HMOs making £700 to £800 profit each per month.You should at the end of the year have more cash than you started with and £7k per month cashflow.

        Repeat for 2 more years and you will be on 20k per month profit for life for 3 years work!I will in the next few days once you have registered send you a link to a video where I interview one of my clients who is successfully running this strategy. Watch out for that!

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